Bun Cabinets with Drawer - BC-31D, BC-50D

Bun Cabinet with Drawer BC-31D, BC-50D

  • BC-31D = 100 bun capacity
  • BC-50D = 144 bun capacity
Bun Cabinets conveniently hold un-heated buns under the roller grill in easy reach of customers or clerk.  Great for product visibility and easy accessibility! Drawer model is a full stainless steel unit with sliding door.
  • Exteriors constructed of solid stainless steel - extra durable.
  • Great for “clerk served” operations or "customer self-serve” merchandising.
  • For counters, the rear door allows clerk to fill buns from behind the counter.
  • Rear door allows you to easily clean crumbs out of back.

Accessibility + product visibility!


  • BC-31D    part# 21773700
  • BC-50D   part# 21750850

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