Drop-In Adjustable II Lowerator Dispensers Unheated - L-xA, SL-xA

Drop-In, Adjustable II Unheated Lowerators

Unheated, Unshielded:  L-9A, L-12A
Unheated, Shielded:  SL-9A, SL-12A

Designed Smart

Models L, SL and HL Adjustable Dispensers are used to dispense dishes, cups, glasses, bowls, plate covers and other round dinnerware. This tube-type, self-leveling dispenser is easily installed in serving counters, back bars, and other service points. Tube construction is stainless steel with polished flange and dispensing head. Easy drop-in insulation. The dispensing mechanism in APW Wyott Lowerator® uses springs attached to a sliding support bar that rides both inside and outside the tube. This design feature prevents a stack of dishware from sticking in the down position, and releasing unexpectedly. Flange supports unit on countertop after simple cutout is made. Shielded unheated tubes are available. Heated tubes are provided with 5 ft length of flexible metal conduit with standard 1/2 “ fitting and 6” wire leads for easy connection to junction box for 120V service

Product Features

    • Spring rate adjustments can be easily made in the field without tools.
    • Non-marking, stylized guideposts protect china from chipping.
    • Stabilizing mechanism insures that contents remain level all all times.

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Drop-In Lowerator Downloads

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lowerators group APW wyott L HL SL

SL-6 Lowerator_APW

SL-6 Lowerator APW