Flat Roller Grills X*Pert Series - HR, HRS

Flat Roller Grills X*Pert Series

Chrome Surface Rollers - HR
Tru-Turn Surface Rollers - HRS

Designed to Deliver Great Tasting Hot Dogs! 

  • Roller Grill heats quickly and has a fast recovery. Heating system has two cooking zones that can be turned-up for cooking product and turned-down to NSF-safe holding temps for serving customers. 

  • The Hotrod® Roller Grills are available with Chrome or “Tru-Turn” non-stick rollers. Fully adjustable infinite controls and Polytetrafluoroethylene grease seals to keep mechanism clean. 

Product Features

  • Easy to read graphics and heavy duty knobs make easy to operate. 
  • Infinite Controls for max control of temperature adjustment.
  • Easily and consistently rolls hot dogs, sausage, egg rolls, and more.
  • Roller Grill is designed to require minimal labor. 
  • “Tru-Turn” coated rollers just wipe clean with damp rag. 
  • Removable grease collection pan is simple to clean. 
  • Easiest Roller Grill in the Industry to service: 
  • Unit is supplied with “easy to remove” side and bottom panels. 
  • Dependable, high torque motor is one of the most dependable in the industry. 

Chrome Surface models (Flat): 

    • HR-20 (120v)
    • HR-31 (120v)  & (208/240v)
    • HR-45 (120V)
    • HR-50 (120v)  & (208/240v)
    • HR-75 (120v)  & (208/240v)
    • HR-85 (120v)

Tru-Turn Roller Surface models (Flat):

    • HRS-20 (120v)
    • HRS-31 (120v)  & (208/240v)
    • HRS-45 (120V)
    • HRS-50 (120v)  & (208/240v)
    • HRS-75 (120v)  & (208/240v)
    • HRS-85 (120v)
Tru-Turn roller tube coating processes have been enhanced to provide the thickest coating in the industry (measured by mil thickness and over 30% greater than competitors units) which provide years of better turning of products, ease of cleaning and a better looking roller grill.

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HRS-30 roller grill APW

HRS-30 APW Roller Grill