HFW-3D Top Mounted Insulated Hot Food Well – Three Wells with Drains

The APW Wyott HFW-3D top-mounted insulated hot food wells are 12" x 20" and features three wells with drains and individual infinite controls.

  • Hot Food Well(s) accommodate standard size pans.
  • Heavy-duty top mount, insulated rectangular Drop-in Hot Food Well designed for installation.
  • Unit is heated by a tubular heating element shaped in serpentine fashion for even heat distribution to pan base.
  • Element is mounted under well and secured by aluminized deflector shield for maximum efficiency.
  • The units have complete UL construction including

Product Features:

  • Serpentine heating elements ensure even distribution of heat.
  • Well constructed of stainless steel above countertop, with aluminized outer housing below counter.
  • EZ-Lock system on all four exterior sides for easy installation.
  • Infinite controls.
  • Large indicating pilot light.
  • Multiple units can be installed in same table or counter.
  • Simplified construction reduces installation time and on-site electrical and plumbing cost.
  • Unitized electrical wiring for single power hookup.


  • HFW-1   single-well   120V            (APW Part # 56449)
  • HFW-1   single-well   208/240V     (APW Part # 56444)
  • HFW-2   two-well       208/240V     (APW Part # 54952)
  • HFW-3   three-well    208/240V     (APW Part # 54953)
  • HFW-4   four-well      208/240V      (APW Part # 54954)
  • HFW-5   five-well      208/240V      (APW Part # 54955)
  • HFW-6   six-well      208/240V      (APW Part # 54956)

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HFW Series Hot Food Well Downloads

HFW Food Well Images

HFW-4 food well APW w logo

HFW-4, APW Part# 54954