M-95 Vertical Bun Grill Toasters

M-95-2, M-95-3

Vertical Bun Grill Toasters

  • M-95-2 model Bun Grill toaster can generate up to 865 bun halves per hour (35, second gear).
  • M-95-3 model Bun Grill can generate up to 1,296 bun halves per hour.
  • M-95-2 toasters available with various gear selections (35, 55) allowing you to select exact speeds that result in your desired toast!

Product Features

  • Fast heat-up allows your operation to react to surges in volume.
  • Toasters come with extended super-feed to allow for high volume production.
  • Self-leveling conveyor automatically adjusts to various sizes of buns, and bagels.
  • Butter roller and pan consistently covers buns with the perfect amount of butter.
  • Durable nickel-coated steel griddle plate.
  • Plate is thermostatically controlled between 200 to 500 degrees.
  • Removable side panel allows easy access for service
  • 4” adjustable legs.
  • Use wet or dry.


Models/ Voltages/ APW Part #

M95-2 comes standard with two (2) PTFE sheets
  • M-95-2     120V    (APW part # M952AB001)
  • M-95-2     208V    (APW part # M952CC-CHI)  (35-Second Gear only)
  • M-95-2     208V    (APW part # M952CD-9C)    (55-Second Gear only)
  • M-95-2     240V    (APW part # M952ED-9C)    (35-Second Gear only)
M-95-3 does not come standard with PTFE sheets
  • M-95-3     120V    (APW part # M953AB001)
  • M-95-3     208V    (APW part # M953CC001)
  • M-95-3     240V    (APW part # M953EC001)

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