Thermo Drawers X*Pert Series - SPTU

X*Pert Series Thermo Drawers

SPTU-30, SPTU-30N, SPTU-50, SPTU-50N  
    • SPTU-30 (23.75" W), SPTU-50 (34.75" W)
    • Narrow models - SPTU-30N (19.25" W), SPTU-50 (30.25" W)
The X*PERTSeriesThermo Drawer is the perfect complement to your roller grill. It will improve customer satisfaction with hot, fresh, quality food in a timely fashion. It will improve your overall operations by minimizing waste and reducing labor all while adhering to HACCP food safety standards. 
  • Larger & Deeper Drawer accommodates both standard size & larger product. 
  • Removable drawer utilizes heavy duty bearing/roller design for years of performance.
  • Increase holding times for up to 6 hrs without sacrificing quality and appearance. 
  • Reduce waste from over-cooked product on the roller grill. 
  • Ensure even heat distribution with innovative radiant heating system. 
  • Heat a variety of items at the same time. 
  • Saves space - fits under current roller grill. 
  • Makes product transfer fast, safe, and sanitary. 
  • Optional Wire Rack for heating breaded product. 

Easy to Use Controls 

  • Simple control system makes unit extremely easy to operate 
  • Set the timer switch to a specified time and unit will go into HEAT mode 
  • Automatically enters HOLD mode when timer hits zero 


  • SPTU-30 (120V) part# 25000130
  • SPTU-30 (208/240V) part# 25000131
  • SPTU-30N (120V) part# 25000030
  • SPTU-30N (208/240V) part# 25000031
  • SPTU-50 (120V) part# 25000150
  • SPTU-50 (208/240V) part# 2500151
  • SPTU-50N (120V) part# 25000067
  • SPTU-50N (208/240V) part# 25000051

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