W-9 Fractional Countertop Warmer – 7 Quart

The APW Wyott W-9 fractional countertop warmer holds 7 quarts of cooked product and operates on 120 volts.
  • Energy Efficient Designs that fit into restricted countertop areas.
  • Warmers are excellent for holding warm sauces near kitchen preparation.
  • Warmers are great when placed in self serve operations.
  • Compact, portable and inexpensive.
  • 1/3 low-temp topping warmer holds chocolate, icings and toppings at perfect temperatures.
  • Direct Reading know 80°F (27°C to 104°C). On thermostatically controlled units.
  • Bulb and Capillary thermostat or digitally controlled with thermocouple.
  • Insulated well, sides & bottom.

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W-9 Fractional Countertop Warmer APW