C*Radiant Countertop Fry Holding Stations - CFHS-xx

Countertop Fry Holding Stations


16" wide   CFHS-16 21" wide   CFHS-21

The C*Radiant CFHS line is designed to provide the most effective “top and bottom” heat to keep Fried Foods at the optimum temperature over a longer period of time. The C*RadiantTM CFHS line includes 21” wide and 16” wide portable models. Top Heat is provided by a system of ceramic heaters that efficiently heat foods without continuing to cook them. Thermostatically controlled heated base provides uniform holding temperatures from below. Two 40 Watt coated bulbs light up the bin area, making an attractive display of product. Perforated Bin is included in both. The C*RadiantTM CFHS-21 includes a standard Fry Bag Holding Ribbon.

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